Lottery Wins in Film and Television

Many people certainly dream of winning the lottery and being able to fulfil their lifelong dreams or share their good fortune with the world. This universal theme has also made its way into countless films and television series. Some are based on the stories of real-life lottery winners, but most are fictional, reflecting the hopes of winning the lottery for ordinary people.

It Could Happen to You

The 1994 film ‘It Could Happen to You,’ revolves around a policeman, played by Nicolas Cage. He doesn’t have the cash to tip a waitress at a local diner, and so he promises her a share of his winnings, should he win the lottery. When he actually wins and wants to keep his word, his wife is not impressed. The film is based on a true story but has been romantically enhanced, to fit in with the Hollywood format.

Family Guy

In an episode of the animated series, ‘Family Guy,’ lottery fever strikes the town of Pawtucket. Peter Griffins wins millions in the lottery but manages to spend it all on ridiculous purchases in no time. When all the family money is lost, they are so fortunate as to win the lottery again. How will the Griffins family spend their second win?


In the American cult series ‘Lost’, one of the shows most loved characters, Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes, wins 156 million dollars, with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. But after his big win, he finds himself pursued by bad fortune, which comes to him, among other things, in the form of a meteorite impact and the plane crash, on which the series is based.

Bruce Almighty

In the comedy film ‘Bruce Almighty,’ the main character, played by Jim Carrey, is given the power to answer people’s prayers. Many people pray to win the lottery, so Bruce lets them all succeed. But making so many millionaires proves to be a bad idea.