What Famous Lottery Winners Did with Their Winnings

Most people who win the lottery like to keep their identity private, and share their good fortune only with their family and friends; others like to go public with their lucky winnings, and become somewhat of a celebrity. Sometimes people who are already famous, in another field, win the lottery. What do people do with their lottery millions?

Here are some of the stories of famous lottery winners.

Peter Laverty, Northern Ireland

Peter Laverty was a bus driver in Northern Ireland before he won 10 million pounds in the lottery. After thoroughly celebrating his good fortune, he invested in more than 30 rental properties and bought a local whiskey distillery. This provided employment for more than 80 local people, so with his winnings, Peter Laverty also gave back to the community he lives in.

Brad Duke, Idaho

Brad Duke from Idaho won 220 million dollars in the Powerball lottery. He invested his winnings in properties, and a fitness group and has made a good profit. He aims to turn his millions into a billion.

Tom Crist, Canada

When Tom Crist, from Calgary in Canada, won 40 million dollars in a Lotto Max draw in 2013, he kept quiet about his winnings. Since then, he has donated most of his winnings to charity. His family supports Tom’s decision, and they are happy to be in a position to contribute to causes that matter to them.


The American popstar won 120000 euros in SuperEnaLotto in 2012, which she donated to build schools in Malawi. Madonna has adopted a girl from this country and still runs fundraising events to raise money for orphans and children in Malawi.

George Clooney and Elizabeth Hurley

The American actor and British model won the SuperEnaLotto in 2010 and donated their winnings to the victims of the Haiti earthquake.