Playing Powerball from India

Players can play Powerball from India, as well as from anywhere else in the world. Powerball can be played from any Indian state. Indian Lottery laws do not apply to Indian citizens playing lotteries that operate in other countries. Powerball operates in the United States.

By merely visiting an Indian online lottery page, and finding the lottery tickets section for Powerball, players can purchase a Powerball ticket online.

How to Play Powerball

Players must select five numbers between one and 69, plus one Powerball number from a separate pool of numbers between one and 26.

How Does Power Play Work?

A separate Power Play number will be drawn after the main Powerball draw has been completed. Every player who has chosen to add Power Play to their lottery ticket, and has won a prize other than the jackpot, will have their winnings multiplied by the number drawn. This can be 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x. A 10x multiplier is only available to be drawn when the jackpot is worth 150 million US dollars or less.

Collecting Powerball Winnings

When playing Powerball online, winnings are automatically paid into the player’s account. The winnings can either be used to buy more lottery tickets, or they can be withdrawn via the chosen method of payment, e.g. a credit card or PayPal.

Winners will be informed of their good fortune via text message or e-mail, shortly after the draw is completed. Winnings are transferred immediately into the player’s online account. This happens automatically, and players don’t need to do anything to receive their winnings.

Tax is not deducted from the winnings, but players might be liable to pay income tax in their own country, depending on the size of the winnings, and their personal circumstances.

It is free for players to collect Powerball winnings online.