Nine Winning Combinations for the Powerball Lottery

In the Powerball Lottery, there are nine different ways to win, starting with just one matching Powerball and no other matches. You can increase your prize money significantly, by achieving more matches with or without a Powerball.

With one or two matches, you only win if you also have a matching Powerball. But from three matches onwards, you also win without a Powerball, although the prize money will be less with matches only. Altogether, there are nine ways to win, when counting up all the different winning combinations. These are:

  • No matches + Powerball
  • One match + Powerball
  • Two matches + Powerball
  • Three matches
  • Three matches + Powerball
  • Four matches
  • Four matches + Powerball
  • Five matches
  • Five matches + Powerball

Three digit winnings begin with three matches and a Powerball. Big winnings of five to seven digit amounts, begin with four matches plus a Powerball. If you have five matches plus the Powerball, you win the Grand Prize.

When playing Powerball Lottery, you can increase your prize money in case you win, by playing Powerplay 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x. This will multiply your winnings by the number indicated. The Grand Prize is obviously not affected by this, but for five matches, the prize money can be doubled, and for the other winning combinations, it will be multiplied by the number indicated. This can make even a small win quite substantial, especially if you have played Powerplay 10x, and the winnings are be multiplied by ten.

Your overall odds of winning any of the prizes are about one in twenty-five. This is the same for every Powerball draw. The odds of winning the Grand Prize, however, are about one in three hundred million. If you are fortunate, it might be you!

If you win the exciting jackpot, you can choose to receive it in a lump sum, or in thirty annual payments, with a yearly increase of five per cent.